Best Toddler Helmet 2024 – Protect Your Little One’s Noggin’

Safeguarding your little one’s head is a top priority when they’re exploring the great outdoors. As parents, we’ve personally tested over 70 toddler helmets to find the best bike helmets for babies and toddlers. We know that tiny tots can be quite particular, especially when it comes to toddler bike helmets. But getting in the habit of always putting on a helmet could literally save your child’s life. That’s why we’ve made sure the child helmets on our list are not only safe and offer a great fit, but also incredibly comfortable.

The SafeheadBABY helmet gives your little one the confidence they need and the freedom they deserve to explore their newly discovered surroundings without the fear of them injuring their heads. This well-planned design has increased ventilation to keep your infant’s head cool and comfortable, while also providing top-notch protection, thereby reducing the chances of your baby wanting to remove it.

The Schwinn Thrasher is an impressive bike helmet with a removable sun visor and an adjustable circumference knob. The helmet has a cool plastic graphics overlay available in various patterns and blends with the coordinating sun visor. It is lightweight, has ample ventilation for sweaty summer days, and doesn’t shift when appropriately fitted to testers of all sizes.

Key Takeaways

  • We’ve personally tested over 70 toddler helmets to find the best options for 2024.
  • The SafeheadBABY helmet offers excellent ventilation and protection for infants.
  • The Schwinn Thrasher is a lightweight, well-ventilated bike helmet with adjustable features.
  • Getting your child used to wearing a helmet can literally save their life.
  • Comfort and fit are key when choosing the best child helmet for your little one.

Importance of Helmets for Toddlers

When it comes to the importance of toddler helmets, the safety of your little one’s head is paramount. As toddlers begin to explore their surroundings, they are more prone to falls and bumps, making helmet safety for toddlers a crucial consideration. By protecting your toddler’s head with a properly fitted and certified helmet, you can significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries.

Protecting Young Noggins

Toddlers’ heads are delicate, and a single fall can have devastating consequences. Investing in a high-quality helmet not only safeguards your child’s noggin but also provides the necessary protection for their developing brain. Helmets are designed to absorb the impact of falls, minimizing the risk of traumatic brain injuries and ensuring your toddler can explore their world with confidence.

Developing Safe Habits

Establishing the habit of wearing a helmet from an early age is crucial for your toddler’s safety. By making helmet-wearing a routine, you are building helmet wearing habits that will serve them well as they grow older and engage in more adventurous activities. This foundational step helps ensure your toddler develops a lifelong appreciation for helmet safety, ultimately protecting them throughout their childhood and beyond.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Toddler Helmet

When it comes to protecting your little one’s head, the fit and safety features of a toddler helmet are of utmost importance. From ensuring a proper snug fit to prioritizing ventilation and meeting safety standards, there are several key factors to consider when selecting the best helmet for your child.

Proper Fit

A well-fitted toddler helmet is crucial for providing optimal protection. The Kali Chakra Child XS is the smallest baby bike helmet we’ve found, fitting heads as small as 44 cm. While the highly-recommended Giro Scamp fits heads as small as 45 cm, the XS Kali is even more compact and narrow, making it a great choice for the tiniest of heads.

Safety Standards

Ensuring your toddler’s helmet meets the necessary safety certifications, such as CPSC and ASTM, is essential for providing the best protection. Look for helmets that have been rigorously tested and approved to give you peace of mind when your little one is exploring the outdoors.


Keeping your toddler’s head cool and comfortable is another important consideration. The SafeheadBABY helmet, for example, features increased ventilation to help regulate temperature and reduce the likelihood of your child wanting to remove the helmet. The Schwinn Thrasher is also known for its ample ventilation, perfect for those sweaty summer days.

Top Toddler Helmet Brands

When it comes to protecting your little one’s head, choosing from the top toddler helmet brands is crucial. Among the most popular and well-respected names in the industry are Giro, Kali, and Thousand.


Giro is a trusted brand known for its innovative design and commitment to safety. The Giro Scamp II, for instance, offers enhanced coverage on the sides and back of the helmet, providing an extra layer of protection without compromising comfort or style. Additionally, the cool ratcheting buckle system helps prevent any pinching or discomfort around your child’s neck.


Kali has established itself as a leader in the best toddler helmet brands market, particularly with their Kali Chakra Child XS model. This helmet is the smallest baby bike helmet on the market, fitting heads as small as 44 cm. With its compact, lightweight design, easy dial-adjust system, excellent ventilation, and built-in visor, the Kali Chakra is a favorite among both kids and parents.


While the top toddler helmet brands are often focused on function, Thousand has managed to blend style and safety seamlessly. The Thousand Jr. Toddler helmet retains the retro-cool vibe of its bigger sibling, the Thousand Jr., but with a design tailored specifically for the youngest riders. As one of the popular toddler helmet brands, Thousand offers high-quality protection without compromising on aesthetics.

Best Toddler Helmet 2024

When it comes to protecting your little one’s head, the best toddler helmet 2024 options stand out. The top rated toddler helmet 2024 and recommended toddler helmet 2024 models offer a range of features that prioritize safety, comfort, and style.

Giro Scamp II

The Giro Scamp II is a standout choice, offering a bit more coverage on the sides and back of the helmet while still maintaining a shallow profile, one of the shallower baby bike helmets on the market. This helmet also features a cool ratcheting buckle that helps prevent pinching your baby’s neck skin, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Kali Chakra Child XS

For the smallest heads, the Kali Chakra Child XS is the best toddler helmet 2024 option. With a compact, lightweight design, easy dial-adjust system, excellent ventilation, and a built-in visor, the Kali Chakra helmet is a favorite among both kids and parents.

Thousand Jr. Toddler

While the retro-cool vibe is certainly the standout feature of these adorable little head buckets, the Thousand Jr. Toddler is also one of the highest-quality toddler helmets you’ll find. Its attention to detail and commitment to safety make it a top rated toddler helmet 2024 contender.

Features to Look for in a Toddler Helmet

When it comes to toddler helmet features, there are several important factors to consider for optimal toddler helmet safety and comfort. One crucial aspect is an adjustable fit that allows the helmet to grow with your child, ensuring a secure and comfortable wearing experience.

Adjustable Fit

Look for a toddler helmet with a dial-adjust system or other easy-to-use mechanisms that enable you to fine-tune the fit as your little one’s head grows. This ensures the helmet stays snug and stable, providing the best possible protection.

MIPS Technology

Another feature worth considering is MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) technology. MIPS helmets are designed to help minimize the forces transmitted to the brain during angled impacts, offering an extra layer of safety for your toddler. While MIPS-equipped helmets may cost a bit more, the added brain protection can provide valuable peace of mind.

Visors and Ventilation

When choosing a toddler helmet, look for models with built-in visors to shield little eyes from the sun, and ample ventilation to keep your child’s head cool and comfortable, even on hot, active days. Features like removable sun visors and strategically placed air vents can make all the difference in your toddler’s helmet wearing experience.

Safety Certifications and Standards

When it comes to choosing the best toddler helmet, safety certifications and standards are paramount. Parents can rest assured that the top toddler helmet brands adhere to rigorous safety requirements to protect their little ones.

CPSC Certification

The Thousand Jr. Toddler helmet, for example, is CPSC 1+ certified, meeting the highest safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This certification ensures that the helmet has been thoroughly tested and approved for use by toddlers, providing parents with the confidence that their child’s head is well-protected.

ASTM Standards

In addition to CPSC certification, many leading toddler helmet brands also comply with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) safety standards. These standards outline the performance and design requirements for toddler helmet safety certificationssafety standards for toddler helmets, and helmet safety certifications, ensuring that the helmets meet or exceed industry benchmarks for impact protection, durability, and overall safety.

Proper Helmet Fitting and Use

Ensuring a proper fit is crucial when it comes to toddler how to fit toddler helmet. The helmet should sit level on your child’s head and low on their forehead, just above the eyebrows. To determine the right size, measure your toddler’s head circumference and compare it to the size chart provided by the helmet manufacturer. The adjusting toddler helmet fit is made easy with features like dial-adjust systems and chin straps that can be tightened or loosened for a customized fit.

Measuring Head Circumference

Start by wrapping a flexible tape measure around your toddler’s head, just above their eyebrows and ears. This will give you their head circumference, which you can then match to the size guidelines on the helmet to ensure a how to fit toddler helmet that provides the best protection.

Adjusting the Fit

Once you’ve selected the right size helmet, it’s time to make any necessary adjustments for a secure and comfortable fit. Look for features like a dial-adjust system or easy-to-use buckles that allow you to tighten or loosen the helmet as needed. The helmet should sit level on your toddler’s head and not rock back and forth or side to side. Properly adjusting toddler helmet fit is crucial for optimal safety.

Replacing Old Helmets

It’s important to regularly inspect your toddler’s helmet and replace it if it shows any signs of wear or damage, or if it has been involved in a crash. Over time, the materials in the helmet can break down, compromising its ability to protect your child’s head. Keeping up with replacing toddler helmet is an essential part of ensuring their safety while they explore the world around them.

Helmet FeatureImportance
Adjustable FitAllows for a customized, secure fit as your toddler grows
VentilationKeeps your child’s head cool and comfortable during activities
MIPS TechnologyProvides additional protection against rotational impacts
Durable ConstructionEnsures the helmet can withstand impacts and last for years

Helmet Style and Design

When it comes to finding the perfect toddler helmet, style and design are just as important as safety features. From fun patterns and colors to character-themed helmets, parents have a wide range of options to make their little ones feel excited about wearing their protective gear.

Fun Patterns and Colors

The Thousand Jr. Toddler helmet looks similar to its big brother Thousand Jr. kids helmet, but with a bit more of a babyish look due to its in-mold construction versus the skateboard hardshell styling of the larger version. For parents who want to add a touch of whimsy to their toddler’s helmet, the Nutcase Baby Nutty has lots of fun designs to choose from, allowing your little one to sport their favorite funky style while also keeping their noggin protected.

Character-Themed Helmets

If your toddler has a beloved character they can’t get enough of, there are plenty of themed toddler helmets available to make them feel extra special. These toddler helmet designs not only provide the necessary safety, but also tap into your child’s imagination and make helmet-wearing a more enjoyable experience.


As we’ve explored, choosing the best toddler helmet for 2024 is crucial to protecting your little one’s noggin. The Giro Scamp IIKali Chakra Child XS, and Thousand Jr. Toddler stand out as exceptional options, each offering a range of features like MIPS technology, adjustable fit, and fun designs to keep your toddler safe and comfortable.

The SafeheadBABY helmet, in particular, is designed to give your child the confidence and freedom to explore their surroundings without fear of head injury, thanks to its increased ventilation and protective qualities. Similarly, the Schwinn Thrasher impresses with its lightweight construction, ample ventilation, and secure fit.

Ultimately, the conclusion is clear: investing in a high-quality toddler helmet is a must for any parent or caregiver looking to protect their little one’s precious head. By prioritizing safety, comfort, and style, you can ensure your toddler is equipped to enjoy their adventures with peace of mind.


What are the key features to look for in a toddler bike helmet?

When choosing a toddler helmet, look for features like adjustable fit, MIPS technology for added safety, and good ventilation to keep your little one comfortable.

What are the top toddler helmet brands?

Some of the best toddler helmet brands include Giro, Kali, and Thousand, known for their high-quality, comfortable, and stylish designs.

How do I ensure a proper helmet fit for my toddler?

To ensure a proper fit, measure your toddler’s head circumference and use the adjustable features of the helmet to get a snug, yet comfortable fit.

Why is it important for toddlers to wear a helmet?

Wearing a helmet can literally save your toddler’s life in the event of a fall or accident, making it a critical safety precaution for young children.

What are the top-rated toddler helmets for 2024?

Some of the best toddler helmets for 2024 include the Giro Scamp II, Kali Chakra Child XS, and Thousand Jr. Toddler, offering features like MIPS technology, adjustable fit, and fun designs.

What safety certifications should I look for in a toddler helmet?

Look for toddler helmets that are CPSC certified and meet ASTM safety standards to ensure they provide the necessary protection for your child.

How often should I replace my toddler’s helmet?

It’s generally recommended to replace a toddler’s helmet every 3-5 years or if it has been involved in a crash, as the protective properties can degrade over time.

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